Beautiful Brittany

We had so much fun during our portrait session with Brittany.  Editing her images was just as much fun if not more.  We are very pleased with the final images and we just couldn’t resist sharing them with you.

Indianapolis Professional Photographer

Indianapolis Professional Photographer

Indianapolis Professional Photographer

Indianapolis Professional Photographer

Indianapolis Professional Photographer

Indianapolis Professional Photographer

Indianapolis Professional Photographer

Family Time

November and early December is a very busy time of year for us.

Every year we find ourselves very busy taking family portraits.

We really love this opportunity to capture the love of the families we photograph.

Indianapolis Professional Photographer

Indianapolis Professional Photographer

Indianapolis Professional Photographer

Indianapolis Professional Photographer
Indianapolis Professional Photographer

Fall Family Portraits

Fall provides the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot.  We were lucky to get several portrait sessions in this fall, including one with this lovely family.

Here are some images from their session both outdoors and also inside our studio.

We created these adorable Personality Series collages for them as well.  These children were so much fun to work with!



Photographing children is wonderful.  Capturing the smiles that warm their parents heart is a very rewarding job.

It is also a very entertaining job.  Typically most children ages 1-3 reach a point when they are no longer interested in sitting in a chair and smiling.  Here are a few outtakes from some recent sessions that show that moment when our subjects have tried to runaway.

Oh and please don’t worry, these little ones may be faster than our camera, but they aren’t faster than their parents.

Sometimes these unplanned moments make the greatest memories.  It’s hard not to love this job, especially the silly parts.

We have a new table!

We recently acquired a new child-sized table and chair.

It’s the perfect size for little ones to stand at.

It is quite comfortable to sit on.

It is also extra fun to dangle you feet off the side and enjoy a nice beverage.

Yet it is easy to walk away from.

Even daddy’s can use it!

Here’s one more image just because we couldn’t resist sharing it.

Business Portrait Event @ Capello Hair Designs

We would, first and foremost, like to thank Capello Hair Dasigns for hosting our most recent Business Portrait event and also to Cross Creative Marketing!

We would also like to give a big ‘THANKS’ to everyone that attended the event on August 31!

While Erica was on location she captured a few images of the Capello salon and staff.  Check them out…

We love working with local small businesses.  Contact us if you have a partnership idea!

Our clients know What to Wear!

Sometimes people really stress about what to wear to their photo session.  There are a few important details that need not be overlooked and we will get to those in a minute.  For the record, though, we haven’t seen anyone get it all wrong yet.  So don’t worry!  Planning your family’s outfits should be fun and exciting!

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Simple, neutral, classic colors and styles.
  • Patterns, if any, should be small and subtle.
  • Coordinating or matching outfits.  Try laying out everyone’s outfits on the bed and see if they look good together.
  • Try not to choose anything trendy that will date your photograph.
  • Avoid distractions.  Jewelry and accessories should be minimal.

With all of this said, this is your family portrait, and it should reflect what is important to your family. If you want to go crazy, go crazy!

Many of our clients have done fabulous jobs coordinating their family photo wear.  Here are few…

These outfits look like they were made to go together!  The colors match perfectly!  This family did an excellent job coordinating!

Almost every child has something denim and a white top.  That’s why this was the perfect outfit for these cousins.  They successfully coordinated their outfits without ever actually seeing them together until photo session day!

These boys went the matching route with their khaki shorts and brown plaid button ups, but they each wore them their own way.  Coordinating is important, but it is also important to be comfortable and to be yourself.

Engagement Photos: The Soon-to-be-Seiferts

These two are so in love and it’s obvious in our photos.  See for yourself.







Do you need some engagement photos?  We can help you!  Check out our Wedding/Engagement packages.

March = Balloons!

We have decided that the month of March is for balloons!

We are determined to use a balloon, or many balloons, in each of our March photography sessions.  We can’t wait to share all of our exciting ideas and fun balloons with our clients.  We plan to give balloons to babies, children, high school seniors, adults, brides, families, and everyone else!  Oh man, this is going to be so much fun!

Since we haven’t taken any balloon photos yet, here are a few ideas we found on Pinterest.

(Click the photos to see the original sources)

We can’t wait to share our own balloon images with you!

We still have a few March sessions available.  All you have to do is schedule an appointment and show up with a smile!

Can’t wait to see you with a balloon!

Valentines Day Cuties

This year for Valentine’s Day, the Salmon family children will be delivering some very special Valentine cards.

With some help from their mother, Jack and Ellie created some fun 5×5 flat cards to stuff in their schoolmates Valentine mailboxes.

Front of the Jack & Ellie Combo Card

Back of the Jack & Ellie Combo Card

Front of the Jack Card

Back of the Jack Card

Front of the Ellie Card

Back of the Ellie Card

Jack & Ellie used sheets of paper and markers to create their photo props.

Be sure to check out next weeks blog where we will show you how to create Chalkboard Photography Props that would work just as well as their handwritten papers.