Recently we have had quite a lot of cousins in our studio.

Watching these children play and interact with one another has been very heartwarming.

Group portraits of cousins make great gifts for grandparents!  What better way for grandma to show of her grand kids than with one photograph?

 Not to mention, getting your picture taken is more fun when your cousin is there with you.

Contact us to schedule a family photo session for your little ones!

Back to School Portraits

Bring your child to one of our back to school portrait events and get something other than your typical yearbook pose this year.

Sessions will be available
-Thursday August 30th 1-5
-Wednesday September 5th 4-7
-Saturday September 8th 9-1
Call us to schedule your session 317.403.2694

Several poses and packages will be available. See our flyer below for more details!

Greenfield Photographer Back to School Portrait


Paint Yourself Party

What do you get when you put a bunch of kids in their bathing suits and hand them washable paint?


We did just that and discovered some very interesting artwork.

Are you interested in a ‘Paint yourself’ portrait session?

Call us today to schedule your session!